London South Bank University Exhibition
Recent show featuring loads of handmade plane objects stacked in the expansive architectural grid structure of the LSBU's keyworth Centre reception space. Part of the 2019 Black History Month. An Ongoing project, Places and Spaces, positioning plane objects in alternative spaces and places.
LSBU 2019 BHM Exhibition
Participating in the London South Bank University, Black History Month. Exhibiting Places and Spaces an ongoing placement of plane objects into alternative exhibition spaces and environments..
Brixton Bugle and Blog Summer Art Show
Local Brixton free newspaper, Brixton Bugle features an untitled cut out print artwork selected for the up and coming Brixton Bugle & Blog Summer Art Show at Brixton Library, London. Featuring 27 local artists. Kicks off Wednesday 24th July - Tuesday 6th August.
Out and about... Skate Park Series
Out and about... A series of paste ups at selected London skate parks. The work has taken me out of the studio and kicked off engagement, interest and info exchanges with skaters and others at the skate parks.
Exhibition and DJ session at London South Bank University
Framed prints and drawings featured at the London South Bank University 2018 BHM, and closed the last day with a vinyl DJ set.
On The Fly
Improvisation session outcome, Bench/Table created from left over plywood.
Africa In The House
Reacquainted with Africa sculpture created back in 2014, placed alongside the supremo, John Coltrane. Courtesy of Antiguan Tony.
Studio Session: Wheelie Red
Recent commission, Wheelie Red storage unit with wheels based on the Big Red storage unit design.
Exhibiting at London South Bank University
Participating in Black History Month at London South Bank University.
Studio Sessions
Two new acrylic paintings on cavnvas 100cm X 120cm and 110cm X140cm
Pluggers book
Out of the Surfacenoise studios comes handmade books titled Pluggers, a series of 32 line drawings of probing figurative characters. Book size H24cm x W17cm, signed and on sale at Surfacenoise.
Studio Session: Print and Cut
Prints produced on archival matte paper, mounted on card and hand cut.
Studio Open
Studiospace opened for the Lambeth Open Studios Weekend.
Another t-shirt bagged for the summer.
Studio Sessions: Painting
More 120cm x 100cm acrylic paintings.
Studio Sessions: Painting
Produced 120cm x 100cm constructed canvas and painting... more to follow.
Studio Sessions: Work in progress for OVADA
Produced work to be installed in 'What Is Done Cannot Be Undone' exhibition at OVADA warehouse, Oxford. An installation in progress, from 12 artists from Warrior Studios, London. Check out live feed.
Studio Sessions: The Lowdown Table
Recycled base slats from a cot and created the Lowdown table... strictly freestyle.
The Pose T-shirt
A new surfacenoise print, the Pose t-shirt available at surfacenoise.
Studio Session: Prepping T-shirt Print
Preparing t-shirt printing studio session.
Studio Session: Cut Outs
More cut outs.
On the streets
LND 2016
Studio Sessions: Works on the go
On going work from a new series.
Open Studio
Works from the Camberwell Arts Studio Open at Warrior Studios.
Open Studio Flyer
Studio open flyer for 28 - 29 November 2015.
Studio Mural
Produce a studio mural during the Lambeth Open studio weekend.
Studio Session: Book Shelf Unit
Shelving unit completed.
T-shirt Flyers
Front and back printed t-shirt flyers on road.
Studio Session: Book Shelving Unit
Designed a book shelving unit and currently working on it's contruction.
Camberwell Arts: Warrior Studios Open
A series of work exhibited at the Warrior Studio Open, as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival Events 2015.
Warrior Studios Open Studios
Check out a series of new work to be exhibited at Warrior Studios open studios Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival Open Studios.
Studio Session: Picture Frame Building
Tackling picture frame building for a series of new work to be exhibited at the Warrior Studio's open studio as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival Open Studios, saturday 27th - sunday 28th June. Watch this space for more updates.
All The People
Simon Arnold (left) dropes the surfacenoise Montage T-shirt. The band 'All The People' create a fresh fusion of rhythmic, synth and soul, layered with distinctive blissful vocals.
Studio Session: Cans Project
Recycling empty spay cans and wapping them with fresh graphics for the Can Project which is currently live and kicking.
Revamped Limited Edition T-shirt Tubes
Limited edition t-shirt tubes with revamped graphics and additional length.
Stick Up
Stick Up.
Studio Session: 'Screw Face'
An evening of fun creating graphics to a blank vinyl toy and ending up with a money collector named, 'Screw Face'.
Issue 05
'Noise Red' artwork featured in 'Issue 5', a Warrior Studios Press publication, featuring the work of 12 artists working in Warrior Studios.
Artworks featured In The Camberwell Arts Festival catalogue
Artworks are featured in the Celebrating 20 years of the Camberwell Arts Festival catalogue. The artworks were exhibited during a studio opening as part of the 2014 Camberwell Arts festival.
20yrs Of Chocolate: The House Of Vans LND
Chocolate Skateboards celebrate 20 years with a touring exhibition, at The House Of Vans (LND), featuring chocolate skateboards, graphics, photos and the work of artist, Evan Hecox.
Yash in the mix at Né Sous Mix
Shouts out to Yash, mixing up the grooves and busting out the surfacenoise Decks T-shirt at Né Sous Mix: Session #2 - Episode #1. French dj's rendz vous to mix 12 tracks each in the mix, Yash aka the funky booster, Dj JP Mano and Dj Dogba.
Warrior Studios at the 198 Gallery, London
Prepping up for the Warrior Studios exhibition at the 198 Gallery, Herne Hill, London, from 28th september - Friday 3rd october. As part of the Loughborough Creatives, a series of exhibitions and events show casing the arts and crafts of artists and organisations in Loughborough Junction.
The 7 Bridges Launch Event
The young talented bassist and vocalist AJ, from Hackney performed several numbers. GREAT STUFF.
RJay on point to snap a shot with a can.
The jerk chicken pan was on the go.
The event launch for the 7 Bridges project showcased the permanet works located at the Cambia Bridge along side live musical entertainment from bands, a spoken word poet, dj's and artists. A thank you goes out to the Loughborough Action Group.
On The Bench: Montage T-shirt
The latest t-shirt, the Montage, out from the print production studio sessions.
Launch event for the Cambria Bridge
The launch event of the Cambria Explosion at Cambria Bridge kicks off Saturday 6th Sept 2014 featuring the works entitled, Hope, Hype and Bang.
Coming Soon: Can Project
Working on the Can Project check back for further details.
Studio Opening - Camberwell Arts Festival 2014
The weekend of 21st - 22nd June, studio was open as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival.
All The People feature on Balcony Tv
Bubble Tree tee gets a look in on Simon Arnold of All The People, playing and interviewed on with full crew.
Brown Bag Packaging Production
On a bagging mission, constructing and screen printing bags for a series of t-shirt packaging.
Studio Session: Clocking It
Knocked out a Clock Yellow for an order and decided to beef up the presentation by making a bag.
Stick It Up
The becoming of a Stick Up Kid.
The Cambrian Explosion
Produced Hope, Hype and Bang for The Cambrian Explosion, 7 Bridges Project, an arts led regeneration project focusing on improving the appearance of Loughborough Junction, Brixton. The permanent works are located at Cambria Bridge, Cambria Road, Brixton.
Surfacenoise hits up on Facebook.
Surfacenoise hits up on Instagram.
All The People playing their first live gig at the Wenlock and Essex, London. Shouts out to band member Simon (left) for rocking the Noise Logo T-shirt. Check out for more clips of their live sessions.
Post Card
A Surfacenoise production.
On The Bench: Coming soon the Trainer Sole
Another t-shirt coming out soon from the print production studio sessions, the Trainer Sole.
On The Bench: Coming soon the Skate Jump
Back in full swing in the studio knocking out the Skate Jump t-shirts which will be the first drop for 2014 and available very soon.
Packaging: Bubble Tree Tubes
A twist on packaging for the release of the Bubble Tree t-shirt.
On The Bench: Bubble Tree T-shirts
Stacking the Bubble Tree t-shirt print production, ready for wear.
Studio Sessions: Print Production
Back on the screen printing tip in the studio sessions. Watch out for the next 2013 T- Shirt drop, the 'Bubble Tree'.
Exhibition At Testbed1, Battersea, London
'Spaces and Places' features 48 hand made planes suspend within space. It was a great opportunity to show work in a space that has stood the test of time with no compromise with it's original interior state and environment, that once housed a milk depot.
Testbed1 Final Teaser 03
Studio sessions continues with the work for the Testbed1, Battersea. Show kicks of on the 12th November to 20th November 2013, check flyer below for more info.
Exhibition At Testbed1
Check out the above flyer for the group show at the Testbed1, Battersea, which I will be exhibiting work.
Testbed1 Teaser 02
It feels like ever growing work for a november group show at the Testbed1, Battersea. Check back for info.
7 Bridges Drawings
Working on one of the on going projects, the 7 Bridges Project. The project is working with the local communities, including artists and local schools to produce work for the 7 Bridges located in Loughborough Junction, Brixton. Check back for updates.
Snapshot as Sketch
Produced 'Spaces and Places' shots for 'Snapshot as Sketch', the title of the third issue from the Warrior Studios Press. The publication features the work of 12 artists working in Warrior Studios.
Testbed1 Teaser 01
Started working for a november group show at the Testbed1, Battersea. Check back for more teasers and info.
A Star Bucks Moment
I am a sucker for a latte at starbucks especially in the mornings. When I am asked my name by a cashier, to which is placed on the coffee cup, for most of the time my coffee arrives and I get called:

James (nuff times)
Jazz (like it)

So I have resorted to giving my name as Jay, not Jez, and spelling out J.A.Y. Alright. Tuesday morning in starbucks, brixton, give name as Jay, J.A.Y and while I am waiting for my coffee I glance the coffee maker with a cup with Gay written on it, and the coffee maker looks up after reading the name on the cup and says, ' A tall latte for Jay'. I give up.
Surfacenoise Box Set
Here is the first Surfacenoise Box Set. Surfacenoise will be introducing a series of Surfacenoise Box Sets with various products in tacked. Stay tuned for further updates.
T-Shirt Packaging Accessories
A Surfacenoise production.
Bagged up for shipping and sales.
Surfacenoise gets new website design
For those whom may be visiting the surfacenoise website for the first time you may not be aware that surfacenoise has had a face lift after a long, long, TIME!
New Drop: Summer 2013 T-shirt
The first of the 2013 summer t-shirts are packaged and ready to be tasted!
Studio: T-shirt production
Been busy in the studio.
BAd: Hoxton Gallery, Shoreditch, London
Exhibited two artworks (pink and red figures) at the BAd Exhibition, Hoxton Gallery, Shoreditch; London.
I will be showing two artworks in a group show curated by Blaize Simon titled, BAd, at the Hoxton Gallery, Shoreditch, London.
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